Start your Arbitration Practice

Take the Arbitrator Training Course. Not only will you learn the skills necessary to be an effective as an arbitrator, you will also acquire valuable skills that can be applied in other professional settings. As a BCAMI member you will have the opportunity to network with other professionals, while benefiting from significant member discounts, every year at the BCAMI Symposium


WHO should take the Arbitrator Training Course?

Part I "Basic Law for Arbitrators" is intended for non-lawyers. Part II "Conduct of Arbitration Proceedings" is intended for those with career goals in Commercial or Family Arbitration. Commercial arbitration is the main focus, but course content and materials will be supplemented for those interested in Family arbitration. Part III "Arbitration Workshop" is a skills-based follow-up to Part II. The focus is on decision-writing and hearing practice. "ICBC Coverage Disputes" is offered in conjunction with Part III. It prepares those who have completed the above courses to conduct vehicle damage disputes. Participants are eligible to be placed on the BCAMI Roster for ICBC Coverage Disputes. WHERE are the courses delivered?


Network and Learn in the 2017 BCAMI Symposium

The 2017 BCAMI Symposium will bring the Alternative Dispute Resolution community together in Vancouver for a world- class conference. The Symposium will provide a valuable opportunity for ADR professionals to interact with leading thinkers and practitioners to discuss current issues and developments and establish personal connections.