Get Involved. Volunteer.

BCAMI invites you to help build our organization. Our goals can only be achieved with the participation of our members.


Convey Your Level of Experience and Skill

Designations allow our members to convey their level of experience and skill to prospective users of their services based on an objective third party assessment. Users of ADR services or lawyers and other professionals referring clients feel confident knowing that when they choose an ADR professional with a designation they are choosing an individual whose performance has been reviewed and assessed by a committee of senior and respected practitioners who have verified that the professional is working at a particular level.


Opportunities in ADR Education

Our Education Committee is increasing our training offer. New courses in arbitration and mediation and advanced ADR training will be launched.

The Improvement and expansion of BCAMI’s training offers will also create professional opportunities for BCAMI members. Instructors and coaches will be needed and these opportunities are offered to the membership in a clear, transparent process.


Keep Your Profile Updated

Help BCAMI to develop business opportunities for you.

Our searchable directory helps clients and potential clients to find you. Keeping your information and pictures updated goes a long way towards attracting clients. Take advantage of this opportunity.


Network and Learn in the 2017 BCAMI Symposium

The 2017 BCAMI Symposium will bring the Alternative Dispute Resolution community together in Vancouver for a world- class conference. The Symposium will provide a valuable opportunity for ADR professionals to interact with leading thinkers and practitioners to discuss current issues and developments and establish personal connections.


Start Your Arbitration Practice

Take the Arbitrator Training Course. Not only will you learn the skills necessary to be an effective as an arbitrator, you will also acquire valuable skills that can be applied in other professional settings. As a BCAMI member you will have the opportunity to network with other professionals, while benefiting from significant member discounts, every year at the BCAMI Symposium.