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Engage Network Develop the ADR Market 

We believe that the best policy for sustainability is to have 'a lot of people doing a little' rather than 'a few doing everything'.

Some of our GOALS are: 

  1. Provide training and information to the membership and to the public;
  2. Promote mediation and arbitration in the community;
  3. Attract referrals for mediation & arbitration for our members;
  4. Set professional and ethical standards, and act as a governing body;
  5. Raise  the  profile  of  our  members;
  6. Raise BCAMI's profile in order to successfully achieve the above.

Listed below are the committees that we have struck to achieve those goals and their roles and responsibilities.

  1. Appointments Management Committee: To make recommendations to the Board for criteria and process related to the appointment of roster members and requests for arbitration and mediation.
  2. Membership Committee:
    • To develop policies and plans for increasing membership
    • To review and approve memberships and roster memberships;
    • To review and recommend approvals or changes for professional designations of ADRIC and to approve professional designations of BCAMI
    • To review potential disciplinary/complaint matters respecting members, code of ethics and make recommendations to executive committee;
  3. Finance Committee: To work with the Treasurer in the production of an annual budget for board approval and to ensure that accurate financial statements are prepared for periodic review by Board of Directors.
  4. Education Committee: To provide educational opportunities in alternate dispute resolution for BCAMI members and other ADR practitioners.  It is a vital part of the Institute's ongoing development.  While the focus has been on arbitration training, we are now moving into the realm of other ADR training opportunities, including mediation.  Among other things, we recommend to the Board education program content, fees, applicant prerequisites and trainer requirements.  The number of meetings varies, depending on the extent of programs we are developing. 
  5. Governance Committee: To ensure that the board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate governance policy development, recruitment strategies, training programs, monitoring of board activities, and evaluation of board members' performance.  Our deliverables are the creation of governance policies and procedures, recruiting and nominating suitable board members, providing orientation and training programs for board members, and evaluating the performance of individual members and the board a whole.
  6. Marketing Committee:
  • To market our organisation & our members to the public;
  • To engage Member's active participation in the organization (for example: networking functions in conjunction with education committee).

Volunteer by e-mail to BCAMI's Office (info@bcami.com ).

BCAMI welcomes your contribution!

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Posted on 11/25/2016
A new online membership application is coming soon.

Fall Arbitrator Training Course Registration Open

Posted on 2/14/2017
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